Film Girl Festival Interviews Tia Richardson


Tia Richardson is a major force in the Milwaukee arts scene, having become especially known for her murals, which emphasize community. In some cases, she even gets that community to help her create, as was the case with her Sherman Park mural. 

After Sherman Park experienced a surge of violence and rioting, Richardson  recruited residents of Sherman Park to help her design and paint a mural in the area. With each project, Richardson emphasizes connection and healing.

"Part of why I get so emotional is just because when we realize the level of the lack of connection that we have with each other that's the cause of so much depression, loneliness, isolation, mistrust, that feeds into substance abuse, that feeds into a lot of the generational, societal issues that we see," Richardson said. "A lot of the systemic issues that we see were created by people who have something going on with them that is caused by, in some way, their own level of suffering and trauma."

Festival intern Arrisa Robin sat down to chat with Richardson about Milwaukee and what inspires her. Listen to the full series of interviews below.

Arrisa Robinson

Hey, I’m Arrisa! I’m currently a third year student studying English with a focus on Media, Cinema and Digital Studies at UW Milwaukee with a minor in Film Studies. I come from the awesome city of St. Louis, MO from a big family but an even bigger passion for anything film and video related! If you can’t find me, I’m probably hiking somewhere with my camera or re-watching Moana for the a zillionth time. I’m super excited to be apart of the team and can’t wait to show you all what we have in store here at the FGFF!