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Aleksi is approaching her 30s, but still stuck under her parents' roof. While ignoring her pressing responsibilities, she follows her impulses with various men: Christian, an American photographer who she bonds with due to the similar interests, Goran, a local musician with whom she has an intense physical chemistry, and Toni, an older, richer, charming playboy who tries to lure her with his extravagant lifestyle.

1 hr, 30 mins

About The Director

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Barbara Vekarić is a filmmaker from Croatia currently based in New York City. Her debut film “Aleksi” had a world premiere at South By Southwest 2019, where it played in Global Competition. The film won 5 awards so far: Best Debut Film at Belgrade's Fest, Best Feature film at New Jersey Film Festival, Best Feature Film at Changing Faces International Film Festival, Best Indie Film at Diamond Film Awards and Best Cinematography at Woods Hole Film Festival. Barbara also directed a travelogue documentary TV series called “Couchsurfer Girl” as well as several short films, the most awarded of which are “First Lady of Dubrava” and “Mouth of Truth”.


Jukebox Hero

“Jukebox Hero” follows the unlikely companionship of Kiva Jade, an alluring and brazen musician driven to become a superstar in the 1980s counter culture world of rock, and Allan Crossley, a nursing home caregiver grappling with his own demons.

1 hr, 32 mins

About The Director

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Writer, director, and producer Shero was a finalist for AFI's Directing Workshop for Women, and offered Panavision's New Filmmaker grant. Shero has won a Jury Citation Award at Rutger's University for directing, "Soul Journey". Her dramatic feature, Juke Box Hero, is a two-time Sundance Feature Film Lab finalist. Shero has also won awards for her work in Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality directing and storytelling. These awards include "Best in Show" at the SFVR hackathon and "Best Design" at Google's Project Tango hackathon. She was named a Top 40 VR Twitter influencer by Virtual Umbrella, listed as one of the Top 101 Women Leading the Virtual Reality Industry. She has directed actors such as Frances Fisher (Titanic/Unforgiven), Brendan Sexton III, (Russian Doll, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, Boys Don't Cry), Zelda Williams (Kings Quest/Ninja Turtles), Jade Tailor Syfy Channel's, (The Magicians), and Nolan Gould (Modern Family). Prior to attending film school, she studied acting with the Joanne Baron/DW Brown Studio, and the Groundlings. Shero has also shot, produced, and segment-directed surf movies that have successfully received U.S and international distribution.

Mother Tongue

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Four women in their sixties tell of their charged relationships with their late mothers, the power relations in the family and the relations with their children. Three of them are second-generation Holocaust survivors, and one is of Yemenite origin. However, their sincerity eliminates all differences and intertwines their stories into one.

56 mins

About The Director

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Shai Alexandroni was born in 1955 and resides in Tel Aviv, Israel. For many years, he practiced law while occupying himself with photography, art, and languages. In recent years, following continuing education at Musrara photography school in Jerusalem, he concentrated on artistic work in the fields of photography, engraving and painting. Participated in solo and group exhibitions in: Yad LaBanim Gallery, Haifa; Derfler Gallery, Jerusalem; Warehouse 2, Art complex, Jaffa and in alternative space.

My First And Last Film-Special Presentation!

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Documentary filmmaker Tracey Thomas has interviewed over a dozen 60-year-olds and asked the hard hitting questions. Questions about life, love, death, and what’s next. She did this right when she hit the age of 60 herself, and was deeply contemplating what a milestone this age is. As she filmed these interviews, she also became closer with her 59-year-old filmmaker boyfriend Dennis, who was also enthusiastic about exploring how different people feel about aging. But filming halted after Dennis was unexpectedly diagnosed with ALS, and passed quickly thereafter, never quite getting to the age he and Tracey were interviewing about. In this documentary, we see how Tracey tackles this project by herself while grieving the loss of Dennis, her first and last film.

1 hr, 8 mins

About The Director

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Tracey Thomas is a filmmaker based in Milwaukee, WI. As one of the founders of Exec-PC, one of the largest Internet Service Providers of the 1990s,Tracey lends her expertise in management and task organization to “My First and Last Film” feature length documentary. Thomas also volunteers for organizations such as the Salvation Army and 91.7 WMSE. She is an avid blues music fan and dedicates her time and efforts to supporting the music scene in Milwaukee.

The Garden Left Behind-Official Selection

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A Mexican trans woman struggles to make a life for herself as an undocumented immigrant in New York City.

1 hr, 28 mins

About The Director

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Flavio Alves is a Brazilian film writer, director, and producer. He was granted political asylum in the United States in 1998 with the help of the Immigrants and Refugee Rights Clinic at the City University of New York School of Law. Shortly thereafter, he attended Columbia University, where he earned an undergraduate degree in Political Science. After graduating, Alves worked as an assistant to then-New York Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) and to then-New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner (D-NY). In 2007, Flavio returned to school to study film production at NYU, where he received the Technisphere Award for Outstanding Achievement in filmmaking. His debut feature film, The Garden Left Behind (2019), premiered at SXSW, where it won the Audience Award. Alves has recently been selected to Ryan Murphy’s HALF Initiative Directing Program, and is also the recipient of grants from numerous organizations, including the NYSCA and Jerome Foundation.

The Unlikely Story of the Lesbians of First Friday

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In the 1980s, a group calling itself First Friday sprung fully formed from the imaginations of a group of lesbians living in the small city of Roanoke, Virginia. Some of the women were locals, and some moved to the Roanoke Valley for employment. It was the Reagan Era, and the LGBTQ community was vilified, especially in the Bible Belt. Spurred on by the pure serendipity of finding each other, the group created safe space, threw fantastic events and grew a community of lasting friendships, all in the shadow of the Moral Majority. This little slice of lesbian history is told through the voices and anecdotes of First Friday members and the women who joined in the fun.

1 hr, 2 mins

About The Director

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Kathryn L Beranich launched her television career in 1977 as a producer/director at network affiliates and cable networks.
On her off time, Kathryn produced lesbian documentaries. Her early work, “After the 2nd Date” in 1996 and the “Lesbian Centennial Project” in 2014, played at LGBT Film Festivals all over the US and Europe. Her new documentary, “The Unlikely Story of the Lesbians of First Friday,” is currently being submitted to film festivals. Kathryn L Beranich is a DIY producer and likes it that way! In addition to producing, she shoots and edits her work. Kathryn describes her work as “holding a mirror up to the lesbian community and documenting the real faces and stories of lesbians who came out in the second half of the 20th Century.” Kathryn has been living in Los Angeles since 1997, working, producing personal projects, and raising her two children.