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DESCENDING to the earth,

That strange intoxicating beauty of the unseen world

Lurks in the elements of Nature.

And the soul of man,

Who has attained the rightful balance,

Becoming aware of this hidden joy,

Straightway is enamoured and bewitched.

And from this mystic marriage are born

The poets' songs, inner knowledge,

The language of the heart, virtuous living,

And the fair child Beauty.

And the Great Soul gives to man as dowry

The hidden glory of the world.

Crystal Schreiner

Crystal Schreiner is a Transformational Business Coach. Her clients come to her seeking an ability flourish from inner freedom expression, embody a divine vision and shift their brand positioning as a thought leader. Her modalities to shift others into their intuitive being, are an integral mix, combining her skills as a multi-disciplinary holistic vision alchemist and energetics expression master.