4 Dancers' Dreams

4 Dancers' Dreams is an inspirational documentary about four dancers who dream of going professional. It follows them in their last year of dance school through rehearsals, performances and competitions in British Columbia, Canada, Seattle, WA, USA and in Germany.

1 hr, 14 mins


Director Bio

Nancy Lilley has worked in the Vancouver film industry for 36 years, doing everything from background performing, acting, stunts, photo doubling, stand-in, and handling her various dogs. She has written, directed and produced 3 award-winning short films, "Tattle Tale Hero," " Friends and Fools" and "The Messy Lie," sang in her own lullaby CD, "A Whisper and a Sigh" and performed in various musicals, piano bars and weddings. "4 Dancers' Dreams" is her first Feature Documentary.


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America; I Too

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The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA), presents its second short film, "America; I Too," starring Academy Award nominee Barkhad Abdi and featuring music from Grammy winner Quetzal. Writer and first time Director Anike Tourse shares the interconnected stories of three arrested and detained immigrants who navigate the system as they attempt to prevent their deportation. Based on real testimonies and experiences. Closed captioning for "America: I Too" is available in Spanish, Korean, and simple Chinese.

20 minutes


Director Bio

america; i too director.jpg

Anike Tourse has written for daytime serial "One Life to Live," sitcom series "Girlfriends" and is the playwright of "No Milk Today," which premiered at the 2015 Wisconsin Fermentation Fest. She has written and produced multilingual videos and public service announcements for the Immigrant Rights Movement. Anike has penned and performed several solo shows touring her productions across the country, as well as to the Edinburgh (Scotland) Fringe Festival, the largest international theater festival in the world, on a national Nigerian tour sponsored by the 7-UP Bottling Company, and most recently as the key note performance for the 2016 Bates College Student orientation. Anike’s current projects include an animated short film in development called "Frances the Fish," and her directorial debut of the live action short film "America: I Too." Anike earned her undergraduate degree from Bates College and Master of Fine Arts degree from The Ohio State University. When she is not making things, she's usually playing with her two kittens in her garden in Los Angeles. You can learn more about Anike and see videos of her work on her website at aniketourse.com.

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An Actor Prepares?

An ode to "An Actor Prepares" by Constantin Stanislavsky in the form a how-to instructional...or more like a how-not-to.

4 mins




Director Bios


After a fight with her long-term boyfriend on the road back to Manhattan, a tough Israeli woman tries to find her own independence while attempting to deal with the thought of leaving her old life behind.

17 mins



Director Bio

Born in Tel-Aviv, Israel, Keren B. Nechmad attended the art-based schools Municipal School No.1], and then Alon High School, where she graduated with a diploma in film. Upon completion of her training in the Israeli Army, where she was also a member of "The Film Unit of the Intelligence Corps," Keren came to New York City to study film at the School of Visual Arts. She worked closely with the director Yaron Zilberman at Opening Night Productions for a little over a year, where she shadowed him in pre-production for some of his upcoming work. Keren is most known for her directing work on the short films "Do You Think I Meant Country Matters?" (2017), "Il Bagno" (2017), "Heart to Heart" (2016), "Chips" (2016) and "Apt. 617" (2016). She has also acted as an assistant director for multiple films, such as Bread Machine (2018), "Milk" (2016), "La Fleur of Life" (2016), and "Limbo" (2015), along with the feature film "LiveLove" (2015).

As We Were

as we were.jpg

This is the story of the filmmaker’s family: how she has been told it happened, how it happened, how she remembers it happened, and how it was filmed. How does kin keep each other trapped in the same role patterns? And can things still change years later? Filmmaker Josefien Hendriks, the youngest of three children, has always been her family’s golden child. In the process of digitalizing old family tapes from the 80s and the 90s, Hendriks found herself bewildered. In her memory, it had always been her brother who had been the difficult one, but rewatching the tapes, she was painfully surprised by the cynical comments her father made from behind the camera. Furthermore, the tapes did not just show her as the delightful little girl she thought she had been, but primarily underlined the favorable position she occupied within her family. She also discovered hours of imagery in which her father seemingly tries to capture precious family moments; in contrast with his harsh commentary, the imagery is surprisingly soft. Now Hendriks has translated the hundreds of hours of film, capturing thirty years of family history, into a documentary. In ‘As We Were’ Josefien Hendriks attempts to unravel her family history through her father’s tapes, her mother’s diary entries, the statements of her parents and her own memories. Whilst struggling with her own position and sources that sometimes contradict each other, Hendriks tries to remain as honest as possible.  WARNING: Graphic content, including several instances of nudity.

54 mins

as we were director.jpg

Director Bio

Josefien Hendriks was born in Amsterdam in 1983. She worked as an actress during her childhood and teenage years, playing parts in several television and film productions. In 2001 she finished her high school and then worked with teenage mothers in Ghana. She studied sociology at the University of Amsterdam and then entered the Dutch film academy, where she graduated as a documentary filmmaker in July 2008. Since then, she created several short documentaries. Currently she is working on her first feature film.

Betty Williams: Contagious Courage

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This is the story of a young mother living in Northern Ireland fifty years ago, as her country teetered on the brink of civil war. The film tells the tale of a quiet revolution, requiring tremendous courage, that began when three little children were killed. Hundreds of thousands of people — mainly women — rose up to demand that their country change, and then took the concrete action necessary to create that change, themselves. With never-before-seen footage and behind the scenes interviews, “Betty Williams: Contagious Courage” shows how average people can overcome their fear, and how one person can make a difference in a violent and unpredictable world.

1 hr, 7 mins


Director Bio



Birthday Adjustment Disorder

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Birthday Adjustment Disorder is an independent Australian feature film about adjustment and anxiety. Birthday anxiety, status anxiety, life anxiety. Filmed as a fly-on-the-wall in Bondi Australia, this fast-paced dramedy holds a mirror to one of the most important issues of our time: mental health. Seven thirty-somethings gather to toast a birthday. Among them are a psychologist, psychiatrist, neuroscientist, lawyer, artist, army veteran and a carpenter. All ostensibly happy, cracks in friendships and wine bottles soon appear, revealing an underlying current of deep existential angst. When it’s discovered the date is perilously close to the anniversary of the death of a beloved cousin, the night descends into an exploration of shadow and loss which threatens to destroy friendships and lives forever.

1 hr, 32 mins



Director Bio

birthday adjustment director.jpg

Jed Malone is an emerging independent Australian filmmaker. She was an improviser with Theatresports Australia before representing NSW in the esteemed 'Triple J Raw Comedy" national final. She subsequently worked as weekly sketch columnist for 'The Sydney Morning Herald", a writer/presenter for ABC TV Comedy ('The O’Loghlin Show") and presenter/producer for ABC TV Science ("Quantum"). Her first produced play was shortlisted for the NSW Premier’s Prize for Literature and for her work in theatre. She has been awarded a Varuna Fellowship for Drama, the NSW Order of Australia Emerging Directors’ Award and a Commended in the Fellowship of Australian Writers’ Awards. She recently completed a Screen NSW supported Director's Attachment on Nine/Essential's 'Doctor Doctor' ('The Heart Guy').

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Black Lives Matter: A Short Experimental Film

Six black women dancers interpret the struggles of racism and police brutality through their movements.

9 mins

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Director Bio


Bottled Up

bottled up 2.jpg

A young girl goes shopping in an unusual store to find a remedy for her ailment.

8 mins


Director Bio

bottled up director.jpg

Sara Casaus is a native of New Mexico who was born and raised in Albuquerque. She received an undergraduate degree in Foreign Languages in the summer of 2017. That summer she won first place in the New Mexico Girls Make Movies screenwriting contest and was given the opportunity to direct her first short film "Bottled Up." She is currently writing several shorts as well as a feature film.

The Diagnosis

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Minéa is a young, promising dancer with a big challenge ahead of her - to win the evening dance competition. There is a lot of pressure, and the expectations are high. However, Minéa’s inner struggle with her anxiety is without a doubt her biggest challenge. She has chosen to take on the fight all by herself, and even though everything might seem fine on the surface, there is more to the story. Will Minéa find the courage she needs and reach out for help?

10 mins

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Director Bio



A woman escapes her dangerously abusive husband and seeks refuge with a sister who doesn't want to get involved.

10 mins


Director Bio

Guilherme Fernandes is a 19-year-old, self-taught cinematographer and editor from Lisboa, Portugal. His passion began at an early age, filming music videos for his older brother’s band. By age 14, Guilherme started doing freelance work as an editor and director for local businesses and friends. Within a few years, he founded GAFF Visuals, a Portuguese production company committed to producing Web/TV content and promotional material for companies within the greater Lisboa metropolitan area. It was around this time in 2014 that Guilherme collaborated with Bobby Daniel Rodriguez and Diogo Martins in the making of the short film "Excuse Me Lisbon." This was his first foray into narrative storytelling, and was the catalyst for becoming part of the creative team for "Dolores." Other recent credits include "M De Musica," a Portuguese TV program about music which he produced and directed for three seasons.

dolores director.jpg

Dr. Chevalier's Lie

In a modern adaptation of the short story by Kate Chopin, a doctor is forced to consider and report the nature of a young woman's life and death.

5 mins


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Director Bio




Director Bio




Philomène, a teenager of African origin, loves Bastien, a guy in her class. But with her frizzy hair, she doesn't feel she has the weapons of seduction to challenge those girls with vaporous hair. She gets a weave. Philomène lives this capillary change as a metamorphosis. 

19 mins

exotic director.jpg

Director Bio

Soraya Milla is a French director of Benin and Cameroun descent. After a diploma in Performing Arts at Paris X, she studied filmmaking in Belgium at the Institute of Broadcasting Arts. After that, she went back to Paris, where she studied production at the INA. She directed her first short film Exotic and is now working on her first documentary. 

The Faces of Wisconsin

faces of wi.jpg

The 'Faces of Wisconsin' is a poetic documentary which seeks to learn about places by learning about the women who live there. It is composed of interviews and portraits as a part of the director's larger project in different countries, 'The Faces of…'. Social, historical, and economical aspects appear during interviews. It is not only about women or cities; it is also about how societies work and how different cultures can live together. The film brings together 17 women from 18 to 87 years old talking about their roots, their bounds with their city and their country.

46 mins

Director Bio

faces of wi director.jpg

Valérie Lanciaux is a film director, producer and performer. She is trained as an actor in Valenciennes (France) and worked on different projects for some years. She worked with children and teenagers on voice, movement and poetry, for 11 years in schools. She programs the Lignes de Corps Festival, an international festival for dance and performance in northern France, and was an artistic advisor for "Next Festival" (Espace Pasolini Valenciennes) in 2009 and 2015. In 2003 she began creating documentaries. Between 2002 and 2006, she took part in organizing the International Meeting of Children’s Theatre in Valenciennes. She is currently working on the creation of a festival in Paris in collaboration with Xan Johnson from the University of Utah.  She has worked with film maker Frédérique Ribis (Paris) for seven years on a project dedicated to women in the business world. In 2008, she trained at CIFAP video school with director of photography Guy Chanel in Montreuil (Paris). She is working with choreographer Nathalie Collantes on image and sound for LeProjetRobinson website. Lanciaux creates "Amordobleamor" at Galeria Menos Uno in Madrid, a solo always in construction talking about her own life through different elements such as voice and singing, text, movement and video. She started to develop her long-term (and lifelong) film project 'The Faces of…' in 2011 and premiered with "The Faces of Madrid" in 2012 at La Casa Encendida Madrid. The next versions underway are Berlin, Mallorca and New York.


falling south.jpg

Falling South

Charlotte puts Rochester in the rear view as she runs away from the life she has known. She has never been on her own and doesn't know if she'll make it as her resources are stripped away. She meets diverse women who offer connection, insight, and laughter on the road to Florida and a possible new life.

39 mins

Director Bio

falling south director.jpg

Lorraine Portman is an award-winning playwright, screenwriter, and filmmaker. She taught playwriting and screenwriting at Flagler College in Saint Augustine, Florida for ten years. She holds a B.A. in Theater from Smith College and M.F.A. in Film from Florida State University. Lorraine also attended the National Theater Institute at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center. Upon graduation from Smith College, she won the Denis Johnston Playwriting Award for “Small Animals”, which has been given staged readings at NTI and Smith College, and has been produced by Limelight Theater, Flagler College, and The BOOM Theatre Company. Her play “Barefoot” was produced by The Boom Theater Company in Bel Air, Maryland. “Barefoot” has been published in “The BOOM Theatre Co. Anthology of New Plays, Volume 1 2011-2013”. She has written and directed seven short films and a feature. “Saving Sophie.” The film was based on one of her produced plays, played at 26 film festivals, and won 9 awards. Her screenplays have been placing in national and international competitions. Portman has been married and divorced twice and now prefers living in rural Florida with her boyfriend, a retired professor turned fern farmer and poet.

Father's Day

father's day.jpg

Part drama and part absurdist comedy, "Father's Day" takes a very unglamorous look at Los Angeles through the eyes of two Chinese-American sisters-one an aspiring screenwriter, the other a struggling actress. Angelita and Betty have survived ten tough years in LA, battling addiction issues, relentless debt, limited opportunities for Asian-Americans in Hollywood, and an industry that always expects its female artists to "play nice." But can they survive just ONE visit from their conservative Chinese dad Larry, who hates everything Los Angeles stands for?

15 mins

father's day director.jpg

Director Bio

Betty Ouyang is a graduate of Barnard College at Columbia University in the New York City. "Father's Day" marks her debut as a film director, screenwriter and producer. Born in New York City, Betty has been an actress in theatre, film, TV, commercials and voiceovers since 1990. Betty has been lucky enough to act in principal roles in features opposite acclaimed actors such as multiple Emmy winner Ed Asner ("Citizens United") and Oscar winner Melissa Leo ("Frozen River"). After noting that Asian-Americans are still largely absent from leading roles in Hollywood films and television shows, Betty decided to expand her role within the arts and entertainment community. Some of the directors Betty has been heavily inspired by include Pedro Almodovar, Woody Allen, Spike Lee, Lena Dunham, Stanley Kubrick and Bernardo Bertolucci.



Fifteen-year old Elise has been lead to believe that in order to have sex you have to be in love - we're talking an Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy kind of love - otherwise you will be labeled a slut. Of course, real life gets in the way and she struggles to figure out what her head, heart, and hormones are all trying to tell her.

26 mins


Director Bio

fifteen director.jpg

Instead of waiting around for Hollywood to change, Kara decided to join the ranks of the filmmakers out there working to change the stock narrative on women both in front and behind the camera. In her lifetime, she wants it to be the norm that women outnumber or are at least equal to the number of men on set. "Fifteen" won the Best Coming-of-Age Award at the Frozen Film Festival in St. Paul, MN, and Kara was awarded the Loren Savitsky Young Filmmaker Award at the Big Water Film Festival in Ashland, Wisconsin, USA. Another piece of hers, "daily mantra," screened in London this spring as an Official Selection for the Shorts on Tap film series. She is based in St. Paul, Minnesota. She took advantage of the cold and dreary months of winter to prep projects for 2018 and apply to schools overseas to receive her Masters at an acting academy. 



A girl copes with the loss of her sister while being haunted by a mysterious creature.

21 mins


Director Bio

ghoul director smaller.jpg

Andy Wyant has filmed and edited personal projects and other video work for ten years. However, "Ghoul" is the first to be submitted to festivals. Previous work includes a full-length zombie film entitled "The Second Round," a music video for Pennsylvania band Painted by Millions that now has 12,000 views on YouTube, and a series of web interviews with the cast of Indiana University of Pennsylvania's 2013 production of "Lysistrata."

Heather Has Four Moms

When Heather decides to lose her virginity for her 15th birthday, Mom’s wife must convince Mom, and Mom’s ex, and Mom’s ex’s partner that it’s time for Heather to have “the talk”. Which mom is ready to help Heather make a big decision? It’s a mother-daughter story. Times four.

14 mins

heather has four moms.jpg

Director Bio

heather has four moms director.jpg

Jeanette Buck's film directing credits include "Heather Has Four Moms" (shortlisted by the Kevin Spacey Foundation), "Texting: a Love Story," "Kiss on the Bosphorus," "Lie Together," "In the Menstrual Hut" and the feature "Out of Season." She also works as a writer, director, and stage manager in Washington, DC. As a playwright, her one woman show "There Are No Strangers" premiered at Theater J in Washington D.C. and was later performed at The Michigan Womyn's Music Festival. Her theater directing credits inlcude "Beautiful Thing," "Rowing to America," "Miracles," "Gretty Good Time," "Father John does a Hail Mary," and "Open Hearts." She currently teaches at Ohio University.


"HUSHED" depicts the strained relationship between a mother and her lesbian daughter. During a reunion, the daughter discloses sexual abuse by her father. The mother's betrayal is evident as she is caught between the truth and what she would like to believe. The daughter then reflects on the abuse she experienced throughout her childhood as she deals with her inner emotions and feelings that affect her now and her relationship with her partner. This film was written, directed, filmed and produced entirely by women, some of whom have struggled with abuse as children growing up, always knowing they were different and part of the LGBTQ community. 


Director Bio

Davina Hader is a graduate of OCADU. As a cinematographer, filmmaker, photographer and multimedia artist, creativity has always been second nature, with her work quite often having a queer perspective. A Queer woman, activist and prominent member of the Toronto LGBTQ community, she has worked with Toronto Pride and organized the Dyke March, advocate politically, on healthcare and education initiatives, and volunteered and gave workshops on many issues facing and changing queer and trans communities. She is a recipient of The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2012 for work in the community. She has been involved in making films for education, events, and documentaries for many years, and more recently has been pursuing more recognition with creativity in film through hehr heart and storytelling.

Megan Hutton is a playwright, short story writer and poet. She has had numerous plays produced, stories published, along with writing features for a variety of magazines. She was also active in theatre and involved with the coffeehouse circuit with her poetry in the 1960s. Megan’s interest in film began in the 1980s when she purchased her first camcorder. "Hushed" is her first film. 

in your dreams masks.png

In Your Dreams

Two girls invite a guy over for what he believes will be a fun night, but something darker is lurking.

4 mins


Director Bio

lala's love lessons smaller.jpg

Lala's Love Lessons

 A comedy about Lala, a dancing love guru wreaking havoc on the Los Angeles dating scene. Lala’s “students of love” are getting a lot of attention, but for all the wrong reasons! “Lala’s Love Lessons” also stars Lloyd Kaufman (founder of the legendary TROMA Studios and creator of “The Toxic Avenger”) and Jael De Pardo (host of Syfy Channel's "Fact or Faked" and "The Unexplained").

5 mins

lala's love lessons director smaller.jpg

Director Bio

Born in NYC, Betty briefly flirted with the idea of a career as an investigative journalist. But as a student at Barnard College (Columbia University), she fell in love with acting. Betty’s debut film “Father’s Day,” about a highly dysfunctional Chinese-American family, was acquired by Hewes Pictures for global pay TV distribution, and has been screened or broadcast on four Continents. Betty strongly believes "Lala" is the Asian-American global feminist heroine we never knew we needed... and she is working to develop “Lala’s Love Lessons” into a TV Series.

The Last Meal

Upon making a tragic and mysterious discovery, a busy young professional must confront her feelings of regret while trying to piece together what happened to her sister.

6 mins


last meal.jpg
last meal director.jpg

Director Bio

Tracy Mathews is a creative director and head of a design team at a global communications firm by day and an aspiring filmmaker when she's beyond the walls of her corporate office. As a thespian and theatre kid in high school, she enjoyed acting in plays and musicals. While she appeared in her first three short films, she now prefers to be behind the camera as writer and director. She is surrounded by a diverse team of passionate creatives who enjoys working together and honing their skills as filmmakers.


"Marieke" explores the life and craft of Marieke Penterman, acclaimed Dutch Gouda cheesemaker from Thorp, Wisconsin.

7 mins

marieke director smaller.jpg


Thomas C. Johnson is an associate professor of Communication Studies at Luther College.


"Moksha" follows three Nepali women who have dedicated themselves to spreading the joy mountain biking can give to women across the Himalayas. Follow these young women as they compete in mountain bike races across the Asian continent, claim titles as the first female MBLA certified mountain bike guides in Nepal, and most importantly, witness the impact these women have as role models for other Nepali women and girls. This authentic and moving film shows how they balance theirr adventures with cultural and family obligations while pushing for a more equal society in their home country.



Director Bio

More Women Leaders Needed Everywhere

"More Women Leaders Needed Everywhere" is a call for and celebration of women's leadership. It's been almost 100 years since women got the right to vote - but this right wasn't granted to all women (initially only to white women). It took an additional four decades for this right to include women of color. Furthermore, the right to vote didn't grant women a place at the table or as decision makers. As we enter a new wave of the women's movement, we have the opportunity to transform and heal our racist and sexist roots and look deeper than simply replacing male leaders with women. "More Women Leaders Needed Everywhere" shines a spotlight on women from diverse backgrounds and experiences to explore women's rights and leadership from intersectional, multi-generational and multi-racial perspectives. We went into the field and asked women at the Oakland Women's march - what kind of women do you you want to see in leadership? What are the values you want to see reflected? How can we be the ones we have been waiting for?

3 mins

more women leaders.jpg
more women leaders director smaller.jpg

Director Bio

Kirthi Nath is a filmmaker, consultant and sacred activist who believes that ordinary people ripple extraordinary change. As founder and lead filmmaker at Cinemagical Media, Kirthi works with entrepreneurs, nonprofits and companies to create films and craft campaigns with bravery, courage and heart that bring messages alive and inspire social change. Kirthi’s work has featured cultural visionaries and global campaigns such as Eve Ensler, Tara Sophia Mohr, Alice Walker, One Billion Rising and V-Day. In addition to filmmaking, Kirthi offers experiential workshops, talks, meditations and coaching that helps people connect with their inner wisdom, foster loving presence and awaken wonder.

The Old Stripper

"THE OLD STRIPPER - THE SHORT" is a short, nine minute version of the epic underground feature film documentary "THE OLD STRIPPER," a film about a burlesque dancer who goes on a cross-country road trip visiting her dancing cities from her past.

9 mins

old stripper.jpg
old stripper director.jpg

Director Bio

Director Jack Truman is a 30-year veteran of stage and film. His films have screened at over 400 film festivals worldwide to date.

other shoe smaller.jpg

The Other Shoe

A couple trying to make a life together learns about giving, what it takes, and what it costs.

20 mins


Director Bio

A Wisconsin born and raised farm boy, Michael Keeney came by storytelling naturally, as his family is steeped in the oral tradition and includes a number of talented writers. He began making films in high school and continued throughout his first career of journalism. His inaugural film involved a car jump and a horse chase and he has been up in the air and in motion ever since. A diverse filmmaker, Keeney has done everything from writing and directing to set design, construction, make-up and stunt-driving. His production list includes studio blockbusters such as "Jupiter Ascending" and "Public Enemies;" critically-acclaimed niche films such as "No God, No Master" starring David Strathairn; and independent micro-budget films, including "Worthless," and "-AB," as well as commercial and industrial work. Keeney continues to make his home in Southwestern Wisconsin in a resurrecting Victorian manor which he shares with his wife, Stephanie, and way too many eclectic props and collectibles.

Katherine Thompson's love for narrative performance began with "April Fool Boomerang" in the second grade. Before middle school, she was writing and directing for and with her neighborhood on Warwick St. in Detroit. After earning a Theatre Arts degree from Eastern Michigan University, she balanced career and family, managing numerous live and recorded productions from "Little Shop of Horrors" to "Skin Tight" to music videos to internationally acclaimed immersion events, as well as voice acting for video games, commercials and more, all while raising three children with her husband Keith in their Madison, WI, home. Key Media Narratives, the independent production house she co-owns with Keeney, contract produces for other artists and studios, creates its own original fictional and documentary films as well as creating industrial pieces, marketing, and other performance and recording services for clients. Thompson's skills as a multitasker are often put to use while performing as production manager, co-director, producer and actress, frequently on the same day. Thompson remains an active member of the live theatre community, serving on the Madison Theater Guild Board of Directors.

other shoe director.jpg

The Reason

"The Reason" follows the life of an elite college baseball player. After a career-ending injury, his life begins to spiral out of control. Soon, he is back living in his parents' basement on Staten Island, delivering pizzas and popping pills to pass the time. This is a realistic and important look at how promising kids from loving families can fall into drug addiction.

1 hr, 20 mins


Director Bio

reason director.jpg

red lake.jpg

Red Lake

The Mother of a school shooter attempts to survive her crumbling reality on the day of the tragedy.

15 mins

red lake director.jpg

Director Bio


A timid receptionist with an ambition to work in the
vicious advertising industry finally musters the courage to
push past her boundaries of insecurity in order to pursue
her dream in a man’s world.

9 mins

reverie 2.jpg

Director Bio

After spending a few years in public relations, Sue Zhen Tan eventually realized that her passion truly lies in filmmaking - where creativity knows no bounds. Currently residing in Kuala Lumpur after one year in Vancouver, she hopes to create projects that tell stories of the unheard, to inspire woman all over the world. "Reverie" is Sue's first directed short film.

reverie director smaller.jpg

ripe figs.jpg

Ripe Figs

In an adaptation of the short story by Kate Chopin, a young woman longs for a world beyond the limited one she lives in, under the wing of her godmother.

9 mins

Director Bio

The Sandman

The Sandman goes round his nightly routine of putting people in town to sleep. All goes well until he accidentally puts a railway operator to sleep, and must discover a way to wake him before two oncoming trains collide with each other.

10 mins



Director Bio

Natalia Hermida is a visual artist and experimental filmmaker from Cali, Colombia. She's the creative director and co-founder of the art collective Cosmo Entertainment as well as the Media Production Company TRIKON Inc, based in Los Angeles. Natalia and her team are experimenting with virtual reality, video art installations, as well as narrative and non-narrative audiovisual experiences centered on the tradition of Latin-American magical realism.

sandman director.jpg

Sarah's Dream

A troubled and rebellious teenager is haunted by a terrifying recurring dream night after night, and the people in her life who are supposed to protect and guide her seem to be almost as bad as the nightmare itself. Sarah is seemingly caught in the dream cycle, and it becomes difficult to tell the difference between dream and reality. The situation becomes desperate when the voice of her dead ex-boyfriend joins the dream and won’t “let go.” As time goes on, her fears escalate.

7 mins

sarah's dream.jpg

Director Bio

Wendy Keeling is an actor, artist, director, and producer based out of Yulee, Florida. Wendy grew up in Bloomington, Illinois. As a young girl, she was drawn to anything and everything creative. Wendy has worked both in front and behind the camera on projects in television, film, commercials, music videos, and stage. A jack of many trades, Wendy’s skills range from acting, directing, casting, set design, production manager, and producer. Recently she has switched to writing, directing, and producing her own projects with her production company 7 Mile Bridge Productions. Her films “Shades of Scarlet,” “The Unconventional Gourmet,” "Self Offense," "Bounty Momma," and "Just Grate" have all had success on the film festival circuit, both nationally and internationally. 

sarah's dream director.jpg

The Scary Ham

Two middle-aged sisters sorting through 50 years' worth of family memorabilia reconnect as they contend with their late father's beloved ham.

15 mins

scary ham.jpg

Director Bio

Sue Mroz is an award-winning filmmaker and senior lecturer in Cinema Art + Science at Columbia College Chicago. Prior to Columbia, she was Program Director of the Chicago International Film Festival and worked as an actor and filmmaker with Wild Life Theater and Rococo Rodeo. She has an MFA in Film and Video from Columbia College Chicago, and studied extensively at the C.G Jung Institute of Chicago. Her work is influenced by French Poetic Realism, and the dramedies of Alexander Payne and Tamara Jenkins. Current projects: "There Was No Proof," inspired by Meshes of the Afternoon and the house she grew up in.

scary ham director.jpg

Scary Lucy

After seeing a hideous statue dedicated to her comedic idol Lucille Ball, a risk-averse comedienne battling a recent breast cancer diagnosis makes it her mission to destroy Scary Lucy.

20 mins

scary lucy.jpg

Director Bio

Marteene is a storyteller, editor, director who has created content for companies such as Starz and Craftsy (NBCU). Although she comes from a health science background, she has an intense passion for TV and film narratives. After getting hooked on Colorado, she said byeeee to Florida to study and pursue it full-time. Since graduating, she’s created an award-winning documentary short, "Face Value," and directed a short narrative comedy, "Scary Lucy" – all while maintaining her sh*t – most of the time.

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Director Bio

Cady McClain is a 2-time Emmy Award-winning actor, filmmaker, musician and writer whose professional career spans more than 30 years. Her credits include studio and independent films, network and cable television, New Media, Off-Broadway theater, and performance art. Ms. McClain began her professional acting career at the age of nine working with respected directors such as Herbert Ross, Richard Benjamin, Marvin Chomsky and John Erman. Devoted to helping more women become directors, her first foray into documentary film, "Seeing is Believing: Women Direct," premiered at the 2017 SOHO International Film Festival, winning the Audience Award for a feature film. Recent directing projects include the just completed short subject, "Butterflies," which examines the bullying of a mixed-race teenage girl, the internet hit, "Venice the Series," for which she was honored with two Emmy nominations (2017 and 2018), two shorts for Kids in the Spotlight (a FOX Studios supported program to benefit foster youth) with the 2017 film winning Best Ensemble and Best Supporting Actress at the Movies By Kids Awards hosted by Ty Burrell, and the original web series, "Switch," starring Olympia Dukakis, coming this August 2018. Her other shorts "Flip Fantasia" and "The World of Albert Fuh" won Best Comedy Drama Short at the Indie Gathering Festival, Honorable Mention for Best Director by the Los Angeles Film Review, Honorable Mention from the SaMo Indie Film Fest, and the Award of Merit at the Best Shorts Film Festival. She recently directed, produced, and filmed a full-length stage play called "Paint Made Flesh LIVE" via multi-camera, sponsored in part by Sotheby's. In September 2017, McClain was awarded by the Association of Women in Communications with the illustrious International Matrix Award. Previous recipients include Ann Curry, Jane Pauley, Judy Woodruff and Christiane Amanpour. Ms. McClain is very honored and humbled to be in included with such an illustrious group of groundbreaking women.

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Shades of Scarlet

Shades of Scarlet is a powerful story about the paths people choose and how events can turn on a moment's notice. The film follows a convicted rapist just released on a technicality. Frustrated with the public reaction to his release, he tries to take a momentary refuge in a dive bar. This becomes difficult when a nurse hits on him.

14 mins

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Director Bio

Wendy Keeling is an actor, artist, director, and producer based out of Yulee, Florida. Wendy grew up in Bloomington, Illinois. As a young girl, she was drawn to anything and everything creative. Wendy has worked both in front and behind the camera on projects in television, film, commercials, music videos, and stage. A jack of many trades, Wendy’s skills range from acting, directing, casting, set design, production manager, and producer. Recently she has switched to writing, directing, and producing her own projects with her production company 7 Mile Bridge Productions. Her films “Shades of Scarlet,” “The Unconventional Gourmet,” "Self Offense," "Bounty Momma," and "Just Grate" have all had success on the film festival circuit, both nationally and internationally. 

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Sherman Park Rising


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The Snag

When Camille meet Etienne, there is something more than usual. But she has a secret which could ruin everything between them: she has HIV. Despite their shared desire, those two hearts will hurt each other.

8 mins


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Director Bio

After a Master's of literature and theater school, Isabelle Desalos became director for a theater in Paris. She worked on "Coriolanus," then a play by Labiche, and "Gauche Uppercut" by Joël Jouanneau. Desalos then become an assistant director, then assistant manager for the cinema. She worked with Frédéric Tellier on SK1, Danny Boon, Régie Roinsard on Les Traducteurs, Olivier Baroux on Les Tuches 3 and Franck Gastambide on Taxi 5. She also wrote plays like "Moi, Poucet" from the fairytale by Charles Perrault, and adapted Laurent Mauvignier’s novel "Loin d’eux" for the stage. Now she writes scripts for the cinema: punchy short films or psychological dramas. She worked on two films, "Une boite à la mer" and "Les laissés pour compte," on a SF series project called "Delta45" and another film with a co-scriptwriter, "Sur tes traces."

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Solstice Ranch

Solstice Ranch is a coming-of-age story that takes place over the course of  48 hours. It follows four friends who find themselves committed to a whimsical yet eye-opening retreat. Set in the late 1990s, this lighthearted film tests the boundaries of friendships, relationships and family.

16 mins

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Director Bio

Born and raised in New York, Christianna Carmine had spent much of her early life as a stage actor, with a strong interest in the human condition. As she began to amass a body of stage credits, her fascination with human nature continued to grow, influencing her work as a performer, and leading her to study psychology at the graduate level. After completing her Masters’ Degree in Psychology with a focus on criminal sociopathy, Christianna continued to pursue a career in film. While working with professionals on network television shows and feature films as an actor, Christianna’s attention became drawn towards the art of filmmaking. In 2011, she wrote and directed her first short, "To Live and Try in LA," shot on 16mm. In 2016, Christianna wrote, directed and produced her second short film, "Darryl," which premiered at the GI Film Festival in 2016 and has screened at several other film festivals to date. "Darryl" has won awards for Best Female Director and Best International Drama, and has recently been licensed by VetStreamTV. Most recently, Christianna was hired to direct a series of narrative shorts for the Pasadena Community Foundation, and is in pre- production on the second film in that series. Christianna continues to create original content with a focus on socially and culturally relevant themes and subject matter.

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Stardust & Moonbeams

Provoked by a photo exhibit of female nudes, Beth is inspired to focus her gaze on her husband. So it’s lights, camera . . . lose your clothes, Will! In a win-win turn of the tables, her highly charged art gets the woman behind the camera -- the man posing for her to admire. Beth and Will plan an unconventional, potentially scandalous exhibit of one photograph each to capture their passion for sexual equality. Friends Cary, Janet, Matt, and Cherilyn don’t expect these photos when they arrive for casual cocktails, leading to lively discussion because images of men created by women are far from the norm – and still are today. The fact that "Stardust & Moonbeams" is written, directed, shot, produced, composed, and based on a novel by women, with parity in cast and crew, is far from the norm today.

17 mins


Director Bio

Terri Farley-Teruel is an award-winning director/writer/producer. Her feature directorial debut, “Beautiful Dreamer,” a World War II love story, garnered 13 Best Picture awards in festivals around the world, as well as Terri winning Best Director in Italy. She has written and co-written several feature film scripts, including "Dino and Me" which is currently in development with Producer James D Brubaker, who also produced "Chef" and "Bruce Almighty." She is the director of the new short film "Stardust & Moonbeams" set in 1929, which supports a woman’s right to express herself creatively and nods to the controversial subject of birth control. She is the creator/writer/director of the episodic television series “City of Crows,” which features a 17-year-old Latina psychic on a mission to start a movement of self-aware young people who may possibly hold the future of the world in their hands. Terri has worked in production at Universal Studios for over 20 years in physical production support and was the Manager of Feature Production Services for ten years. While at Universal, she has worked in physical production for such films as “Spiderman II,” “Jurassic Park III,” “Amistad,” “The Lost World,” “Oh Brother Where Art Thou,” “Liar, Liar,” and many others. She is currently the production representative for the network television program “Extra” that currently films at Universal and the internal producer for the Universal Studios Hollywood Marketing Department. She is also a summa cum laude graduate of UCLA Film School. www.tftcreative.net

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When a young girl wakes up after a head injury and doesn't recognize anything or anyone around her, she begins to uncover the sinister and frightening truth about her identity. A shocking ending where the journey from overwhelming grief and desperation to sociopathic behavior is very short. Created by (and starring) 12-year-old Morgan Gullett (grand prize winner and nominee from multiple 2017 film festivals for her first short film).

20 mins


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Tax Evasion: A Greek National Sport

A short documentary that attempts to explain the mentality of the Greek taxpayers and their view on tax evasion. The journey of a Greek filmmaker to find the reasons why tax evasion rates in Greece are so high, with a funny approach on an otherwise boring subject of taxes. The film juxtaposes the opinion of the Greek community versus what has been considered the main view of the subject.

22 mins

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Director Bio

Kelly Sarri graduated from LMU with an MFA in film and TV production. She is originally from Greece.

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This Is Para Con

"This is Para Con" is a quirky meditation on belief, skepticism and community that offers a behind-the-scenes look at Milwaukee's third annual paranormal conference. This is Robyn Di Giacinto's first self-shot, solo-directed film. It was created as a final project for Joe Brown's digital storytelling class at Marquette University.

7 mins

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Director Bio

The Unconventional Gourmet

A dark comedy about a woman stuck in the 50s searching for the perfect ingredients in an unusual family recipe. The film tells an age-old tale with an added modern twist.

12 mins


Director Bio

Wendy Keeling is an actor, artist, director, and producer based out of Yulee, Florida. Wendy grew up in Bloomington, Illinois. As a young girl, she was drawn to anything and everything creative. Wendy has worked both in front and behind the camera on projects in television, film, commercials, music videos, and stage. A jack of many trades, Wendy’s skills range from acting, directing, casting, set design, production manager, and producer. Recently she has switched to writing, directing, and producing her own projects with her production company 7 Mile Bridge Productions. Her films “Shades of Scarlet,” “The Unconventional Gourmet,” "Self Offense," "Bounty Momma," and "Just Grate" have all had success on the film festival circuit, both nationally and internationally. 


When You Leave

Against the backdrop of Sacramento–San Joaquin River Delta, the film tells the story of 12-year-old boy Rowan and his mom as they struggle financially during the region's off-season.

12 mins

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Director Bio

Jenny Stark was born in Bellaire, Texas. She received her BFA in Photography from the University of Houston and went on to receive an MFA in Film/Video from the California Institute of the Arts. She is a Professor of Communications and Film at Sacramento State University. Her films and videos have shown at South by Southwest, Austin; The New York Underground Film Festival, Chicago Underground Film Festival, The Viennale, Vienna; LA Film Forum, The Aurora Picture Show, Houston; The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; The British Film Institute and Image Music Text, London and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Mexico City. She recently completed a photography series of the California Delta for an exhibition at The Crocker Art Museum and for Verge Center for the Arts in Sacramento.

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Witches of Wonder

Two young witches must figure out how to rescue their younger sister after they accidentally send her back in time.

7 mins

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Language has power. It has the power to uplift or bring down. It also has the power to change the world. Words emphasizes the expansive power of language and its impact on all that use it.

2 mins



Director Bio

Jenna Cornell has an MA in English/Creative Writing with an emphasis in screenwriting. Her short film "Words" was selected and premiered at Wildwood Film Festival 2018. Jenna's screenplay "Hunk of Burning Love" made it into the Top 50 Quarterfinals of the Canadian Short Screenplay Competition in 2014. She is also a published author, music journalist, DJ, and vocalist.

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Worlds of Ursula K. Le Guin

The documentary Worlds of Ursula K. Le Guin explores the remarkable life and legacy of the science fiction writer and fantasy icon. Le Guin broke barriers in a genre that was dominated by men, winning awards for her novels such as The Earthsea Trilogy, The Left Hand of Darkness, The Dispossessed, and The Lathe of Heaven. The doc explores her legacy through interviews with her husband Charles Le Guin, as well as authors such as Neil Gaiman and Margaret Atwood.

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A con artist learns the price of pushing around powerless people.

8 mins

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