Sep. 8-10 at the underground collaborative

Sep 8.

7 pm : Adele and Everything After

Preceded by One in Five short

Sep. 9

4 pm: Feminista

preceded by Gardening At Night

6 pm: JDF16

preceded by Freezer Burn

8 pm: Shorts Block 1

Artist In Bloom

Black Christmas

Crossing Fences

Return To Me

Won't Somebody Think of the Children

10 pm: Bitchin' Shorts

Glass Ceiling

I Think You Should Come To America

Nuclear Winter-The Musical!

A Woman Apart

Panic Attack!

Forgotten Flora

Sep. 10

2 pm: The Sunrise Storyteller

preceded by The Sandi Connection

4:30 pm: Shorts Block 2

Where The Great Spirits Live

After Orlando, Getting Its Pulse Back




Birds Dropping

7 pm: A Year With Betty Gold

preceded by Silent No More










161 W Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53203


Awards & Prizes

There will be two Audience Awards and two Jury Awards for Best Short and Best Film. There will also be two Screenwriting Awards for the best written short and feature film, the winners of which will receive a four month script listing on InkTip to promote themselves and their scripts to InkTip’s entire network of producers, managers, and agents. 


Rules & Terms

We are looking for shorts and films that either feature at least one female as the main protagonist, and/or are directed by women. So yes, films with a male director are also welcome, as long as at your film or short features at least one major female character. But any film or short directed by a woman is eligible. No short or film made before 2014 will be accepted.